Thursday, April 2, 2009

Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation, Inc.

As founder of I have always felt that the business aspect of activedogs has a higher purpose than just making money. Yes, we all understand that one has to make profit to exist, support the families that work for us, and our customers, but I understand that there is a greater purpose for our existence. It is my vision and purpose to have be the backbone and support that will be needed to facilitate the Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation. The purpose of the Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation will be to place service dogs with those in need. There is a great cost involved in breeding, training and placing service dogs. Many who need them simply cannot afford to purchase an already trained dog. For some time now we have been breeding and training very fine German Shepherd dogs. It is our goal to grant free of charge these service dogs to qualifying candidates. By spring/summer of 2009 we should have up the new web site with details and information of this Service Dog Foundation. If you know of someone or you yourself are in need of a Service Dog keep watch as we will post the web site address when available.