Thursday, April 2, 2009

Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation, Inc.

As founder of I have always felt that the business aspect of activedogs has a higher purpose than just making money. Yes, we all understand that one has to make profit to exist, support the families that work for us, and our customers, but I understand that there is a greater purpose for our existence. It is my vision and purpose to have be the backbone and support that will be needed to facilitate the Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation. The purpose of the Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation will be to place service dogs with those in need. There is a great cost involved in breeding, training and placing service dogs. Many who need them simply cannot afford to purchase an already trained dog. For some time now we have been breeding and training very fine German Shepherd dogs. It is our goal to grant free of charge these service dogs to qualifying candidates. By spring/summer of 2009 we should have up the new web site with details and information of this Service Dog Foundation. If you know of someone or you yourself are in need of a Service Dog keep watch as we will post the web site address when available.


  1. The happenings @ ADASDF 5/1/09

    Each month I will try to take the time to sit down and write an update on what is happening with ADASDF (Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation). You can also write in comments, questions, etc to the blog located on the sites home page. Of the new litter of puppies I did keep back two female pups to put into the academy, and sold the other dogs. I have dedicated the monies from the pups to ADASDF Non-Profit Foundation. The pups are just babies but I think their temperament will be conducive for the service dog work, time will tell. The new web site is up but is not complete, and it is a work in progress. There will be information available and a store to purchase service/therapy dog equipment and training aids. The store will be called Service Dog Supply and 3% of all sales that are generated through that web site will be donated to ADASDF. The weather is getting warmer but it just seems to be taking a long time for spring this year. I have separated my dogs into two groups and have moved the potential Service Dogs back to the activedogs original location and we are remodeling the facility. It is coming along very nice and at this time it will facilitate the kennel and training room. Eventually the building will incorporate additional rooms to house the recipients who will be coming here to train with the dog they are placed with. The school would be of great benefit to have a van that is wheel chair equipped and if anyone would like to make a donation of the van it would be appreciated. ADASDF is a Non-Profit 501c so the donation would be tax deductible.

    Until Next Time, LH

  2. News: Well life is very busy and we are close to posting the new ADASDFInc. web site (Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation, Inc.) We currently have two dogs in training and a new litter of pups. It looks like I will hold two females back from the litter to enter the academy. ADASDF is now a 501C, Non Profit Corporation. I wish the weather up here in the north would get a little warmer as we are reworking our kennel and doing some separating and moving of the dogs. Stay tuned for more information on ADASDF,Inc. LH

  3. - I would like to see a network of Service Dog trainers that are willing to work with the families that have a suitable dog to be trained for a family member.
    - To Service Dog Trainers, Please provide your contact information to the Active Dogs Academy Service Dog Foundation so you can be included in this worthwhile endeavor.
    Thank you, david h <><

  4. I think a network is a great idea. You can get an address from the sites contact page.
    Thanks LH

  5. I would like to give a thankful "Thank You" to Ken & Ann Foss for the donation of a fine wheelchair to the foundation. We appreciate the gift!

  6. This is the link to fill out a service dog application request.

  7. We are happy to announce that soon we will have two new litters of pups. Issabella is due this month and Ninna is due October. We hope to get some pups who will qualify for service dogs. The others that will be K9 working dogs or pets will be for sale. Keep watch for photos when they are born.

  8. New Puppies are here and Orabella has a new home. Check it out


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